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dc.contributor.authorABREU, Virgínia Kelly Gonçalves-
dc.contributor.authorPEREIRA, Ana Lúcia Fernandes-
dc.contributor.authorFREITAS, Ednardo Rodrigues de-
dc.contributor.authorTREVISAN, Maria Teresa Salles-
dc.contributor.authorCOSTA, José Maria Correia da-
dc.identifier.citationABREU, Virgínia Kelly Gonçalves et al . Addition of anacardic acid as antioxidants in broiler chicken mortadella. Food Science and Technology, Campinas, v. 35, n. 3, p. 539-545, Sept. 2015. DOI:
dc.description.abstractThe effect of anacardic acid on lipid stability and coloration of chicken mortadella was investigated. Antioxidants were added to chicken mortadellas, according to the treatments: no added antioxidant, 100 ppm butylated hydroxytoluene and 50, 100, 150 and 200 ppm anacardic acid. The mortadellas were stored for 90 days at 4 °C, and the analysis of lipid oxidation and color were performed. For TBARS, there was linear reduction with increased anacardic acid. According to the means test, 200 ppm anacardic acid provided the lower TBARS values. The redness decreased during storage, and, as reported by the means test, mortadella containing 200 ppm anacardic acid had lower values. The lightness of mortadellas decreased during storage. Also in accordance with the means test, mortadellas containing antioxidants had same lightness than control. The yellowness of mortadellas increased during storage. Thus, the anacardic acid is a potential natural antioxidant that could be included in chicken mortadella formulations before cooking.pt_br
dc.publisherSociedade Brasileira de Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentospt_br
dc.subjectNatural antioxidantpt_br
dc.subjectLipid oxidationpt_br
dc.titleAddition of anacardic acid as antioxidants in broiler chicken mortadellapt_br
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