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Title: Trapping of spin-0 fields on tube-like topological defects
Authors: CASANA, R.
SIMAS, Fabiano de Carvalho
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: CASANA, R. et al.Trapping of spin-0 fields on tube-like topological defects. Physics Letters B, n. 730, p. 813, 2014. DOI:
Abstract: We have considered the localization of resonant bosonic states described by a scalar field Φ trapped in tube-like topological defects. The tubes are formed by radial symmetric defects in (2, 1) dimensions, constructed with two scalar fields φ and χ, and embedded in the (3, 1)-dimensional Minkowski spacetime. The general coupling between the topological defect and the scalar field Φ is given by the potential ηF (φ,χ)Φ2. After a convenient decomposition of the field Φ, we find that the amplitudes of the radial modes satisfy Schrödinger-like equations whose eigenvalues are the masses of the bosonic resonances. Specifically, we have analyzed two simple couplings: the first one is F (φ,χ) = χ2 for a fourth-order potential and, the second one is a sixth-order interaction characterized by F (φ,χ) = (φχ)2. In both cases the Schrödinger-like equations are numerically solved with appropriated boundary conditions. Several resonance peaks for both models are obtained and the numerical analysis showed that the fourth-order potential generates more resonances than the sixth-order one.
ISSN: 0370-2693
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