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Title: Ingestive Behavior of Ovine Fed with Marandu Grass Silage Added with Naturally Dehydrated Brewery Residue
Authors: FERREIRA, Daniele de Jesus
ZANINE, Anderson de Moura
LANA, Rogério de Paula
SOUZA, Alexandre Lima de
RIBEIRO, Marinaldo Divino
NEGRÃO, Fagton Mattos
CASTRO, Wanderson José Rodrigues
PARENTE, Henrique Nunes
GERON, Luiz Juliano Valério
CAMARA, Larissa Rodrigues de Azevedo
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Citation: FERREIRA, D. J. Ingestive Behavior of Ovine Fed with Marandu Grass Silage Added with Naturally Dehydrated Brewery Residue. The Scientific World Journal, p. 1-7, 2016.
Abstract: The objective was to evaluate the ingestive behavior of ovine fed Marandu grass silage with dehydrated brewery residue added. The experiment had a completely randomized design with five treatments and four repetitions, with the treatments levels of inclusion being of 0, 10, 20, 30, and 40% natural matter of naturally dehydrated brewery residue for 36 hours to the marandu grass silage. 20 ovines were used and the experimental period was 21 days, 15 being for adaptation to diets. The use of brewery byproduct promoted quadratic effect (𝑃 < 0.05) for the consumption of dry matter with maximum point value estimated at adding 23.25% additive. Ingestion efficiency and rumination efficiency of dry matter (g DM/hour) were significant (𝑃 < 0.05), by quadratic behavior, and NDF ingestion and rumination efficiency showed crescent linear behavior. The DM and NDF consumption expressed in kg/meal and in minutes/kg were also significant (𝑃 < 0.05), showing quadratic behavior. Rumination activity expressed in g DM and NDF/piece was influenced (𝑃 < 0.05) by the adding of brewery residue in marandu grass silage in quadratic way, with maximum value estimated of 1.57 g DM/bolus chewed in inclusion of 24.72% additive in grass silage. The conclusion is that intermediary levels adding of 20 to 25% dehydrated brewery residue affects certain parameters of ingestive behavior.
ISSN: 1537-744X
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