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Title: Application Execution Management on the InteGrade
Authors: Silva, Francisco José da Silva e
Kon, Fabio
Goldman, Alfredo
Finger, Marcelo
Camargo, Raphael Y. de
Castor Filho, Fernando
Costae, Fábio M.
Keywords: grid computing
opportunistic grid
resource management
Issue Date: 3-Feb-2010
Abstract: The InteGrade project is a multi-university effort to build a novel grid computing middleware based on the opportunistic use of resources belonging to user workstations. The InteGrade middleware currently enables the execution of sequential, bag-of-tasks, and parallel applications that follow the BSP or MPI programming models. This article presents the lessons learned over the last five years of InteGrade development and describes the achieved solutions concerning the support for robust application execution. The contributions cover the related fields of application scheduling, execution management, and fault tolerance. We present our solutions, describing their implementation principles and evaluation through the analysis of several experimental results.
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