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Title: Automatic Dynamic Range Adjustment of a Controlled-temperature Thermoresistive-based Anemometer
Authors: Leal, Shirlen Viana,
Catunda, Sebastian Y. C.
Ribeiro, Luiz A. S.
Keywords: Anemometers
fluid velocity
thermoresistive sensors
controlled current source
dynamic range
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: MTC
Abstract: The thermoresistive-based hot-wire anemometer operating at a controlled temperature is a classical architecture that is vastly found in the literature. Nevertheless, this architecture presents a problem due to dynamic range variation with respect to the fluid temperature. In this work an alternative architecture of a controlled temperature anemometer with automatic adjustment of the dynamic range is proposed. Simulations of the proposed system using the parameters from a commercial sensor are presented and compared with the results from a classical configuration.
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